1. We had an excellent two-weekend run in Denton, and today/tonight we’re preparing for a weekend of shows in Dallas!  Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 8pm, Rockin’ Rehearsal in Dallas!  There’s going to be a talkback after the show tomorrow night (Friday), too. 


    I don’t know…we’re all really tired. 



    We need YOU!  

    Sundown is casting it’s next play, Said and Done, and is still in need of one MALE actor, age 20-40.  


    Said and Done
    Written by Kasey Tackett
    Directed by Mandy Rausch
    December 5th-7th and 12th-14th, 2014

    It is The End of All Things. Every physical thing; every thought, emotion, or idea we were ever aware of or would have ever discovered have all met their end. All that is left are the personifications of the ideals that once held our universe together. Life and his brother Death, Faith and her sister Science, Father Time and Mother Nature, all have banded together into an unlikely family inside the last existing atom in an attempt to understand their place in The End of All Things.

    If you’re interested in being a part of this production or have questions, please email the director at mandyrausch@sundowntheatre.org as soon as possible! 


  3. We’ve gotten two very contrasting reviews for our production of (The Winter’s Tale), which is kind of awesome because it proves that theatre means something different to every individual in every different audience! Discover Denton and Theater Jones had their opinions…come see it for yourself and tell us yours!

    This Friday-Sunday at 8pm at Green Space Arts Collective; next weekend (Oct. 17th-19th) at Rockin Rehearsal Studios in Dallas!


  4. Check out the trailer for our production of (The Winter’s Tale), which opens TOMORROW NIGHT. Check out all the info at our Facebook event.

    It’s Shakespeare! It’s Sigur Ros! It’s a bear costume! You can’t lose.


  5. this post was written by Tashina Richardson, actor/director of (The Winter’s Tale)
    I don’t want to have children.
    It’s not that I have anything against children (the lovely editor of Sundown’s Tumblr, Mandy, has an adorable boy whose fingers I wanna nibble on), but I’m just not interested in birthing babies. I mean, maybe I DO have something against children. You have to spend 18 years of your life raising them! And what do you get in return? The hope that they don’t grow up to be jerks and they’ll take care of you when you’re old and infirm. No thanks. I’ll rely on LifeAlert instead.
    Point is, there’s never been a time in my life when I’ve thought about being pregnant. Then I decided, in my infinite wisdom, to play Hermione in (The Winter’s Tale), a show I adapted and directed. What I didn’t realize during my adaptation period was that Hermione is pregnant at the beginning of the show.
    Even worse, while I was coming up with ideas for the show, I decided to have a birthing scene… not thinking about the fact that I would be the one in labor.
    I did my homework. I looked at pregnant ladies and worked on carrying myself appropriately. I watched labor videos… and promptly tried to suppress all images from my memory. I made terrible jokes about it and generally chalked up the pregnancy as an annoying side effect of playing the character.
    But something happened along the way. The more I delved into Hermione, the more I understood that the pregnancy and motherhood (she’s is pregnant with her second child) are integral to the character. She is DEFINED by her family, it’s what makes her the person she is. The reason why she reacts the way she does is because how deeply and emotionally connected she is to her husband and children, and to the court, who she considers “family.”
    When I first started directing this show, I spent a lot of time looking at the fantastical, movement-based aspects of it. As we go into this final week of rehearsal, and everyone digs into the character specifics, I’m seeing more and more of the realism push forth. It reminds me of something from my concept letter all the way back in July: “Figuring out ‘why’ allows for the subtext of the fantastical elements to shine brighter than purely putting them up for spectacle.”
    Huh. Kinda nice to see that my actor self listens to my director self.

  6. This post was written by Artistic Associate Mandy Rausch.

    As the person who helps to run Sundown’s Tumblr page, I suddenly froze up when I started thinking about posting as myself.  Posting my own thoughts. “Will I represent the company well?” “What should I talk about?” “THIS IS SO MUCH PRESSURE.”

    I’ve been an Artistic Associate with Sundown for just over a year now, and I’ve helped out on several productions and, as I’ve said, I help a lot with social media.  I’m the person who Instagrams her lunch (see above) (but there’s a script in the picture, which you’ll hear more about in a minute), so naturally I offered to help with our branding and our online image. But that’s not why I’m a part of the company.

    I’m a part of the company because I believe so wholeheartedly in what we do. I believe in giving actors, playwrights, designers, technicians, anyone who has even a passing interest in theatre the opportunity to do some really cool, new stuff. 

    I believe in creating something new and providing a venue for new and emerging artists. 

    I believe in working collaboratively because, honestly, sometimes someone has a better idea than I do, and I’m much more interested in the quality of the final product than in it being mine-all-mine-nobody-else’s. 

    Sundown has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and helped me find a niche that, as a typically “musical theatre only” actor/singer, I never would have discovered otherwise. It’s made me see theatre in a whole new way and from many different perspectives.

    This December, I’m directing my first full-length production, and it’s a show that’s part of our 7th season. It’s a brand new play called Said and Done written by local playwright Kasey Tackett. Previously, I have assistant directed for a couple of fundraisers and a black box production, and I’ve directed staged readings for a local playwriting competition & festival, but this will be my first full-length, fully staged production.

    I’m nervous. 

    But excited.

    But I think this is a perfect segue for me and the perfect company with which to make my directorial debut.  One of the things I loved so much about directing staged readings of contest-winning scripts was that I got to be in close and constant contact with the playwrights.  That was my favorite part, actually.  Second to that was creating something and breathing life into a script that may not have ever been onstage before. Nothing to compare it to, right? Right? ha ha

    Seriously, though, I’m very excited about this process. The playwright is excited, and that makes ME excited.  We have already shared so much with each other about what we’d like to see happen with this play, and I think it’s going to be an excellent process with a really cool finished product at the end. I’ve been working hard on a tentative rehearsal schedule and plan for the process, and I cannot wait to start working with a cast. 

    Oh and hey…if you’d like to audition, those are happening a week from Monday and Tuesday.  Come check us out.  Try something new.  Maybe you’ll discover a part of the art of theatre you never expected to love, just like I did with this company. 


  7. Muffy Muncher

    Sundown is very happy to support and congratulate our friend (and designer for many of our shows) nivrionerom.  As his drag persona Muffy Muncher, he has been cast in Tumblr’s Drag Race, Cycle 5 (tdrcycle05).  Follow them and the tags #tdr and #Muffy Muncher to keep up!

    Good luck, Muffy; we love ya!! 

    (Source: tdrcycle05)


  8. bradmcentire:

    I turned 39 years old this week. Good God, just writing that out it seems so “old.” It also sounds so very adult. My crazy 20s and finding-my-footing 30s are in the rearview (though, really, I still have a glimmer of that crazed energy and am still figuring shit out).

    It was a low key birthday this year. They seem to get more and more low key as I get older. Adulthood is kind of low key… and subversive.

    As I get close to my “golden decade” (I have always harbored the thought that between the ages of 40 and 50, at least for men, that is the good-as-it-gets decade), I look back over the year and realize that hey, I’m still doing stuff…

    Last year for my 38th birthday, I performed a consecutive 380 minute (that’s six hours and 20 minutes total) solo improvisation. It had some brilliant moments and some lame moments, but the fact that I did it, I accomplished it, goes a long way in my book of self-appreciation.

    Since last September, no less that seven of my own plays - large and small - have been presented to the world (2 of them World Premieres).

    I produced two solo festivals, one small and local which I stumbled into almost accidently, the other big and spashy and purposeful. I worked with area organizations like Kitchen Dog Theater, Junior Players, Denton Community Theatre, S.T.A.G.E., Sundown Collaborative Theatre, Nouveau 47, Water Tower Theatre and the Alternative Comedy Theatre.

    I worked with some kick-ass colleagues, many of which inspire me and crack my shit up over and over again (I recommend to everyone I know, take road trips with Travis Stuebing and Tashina Richardson or drink beers and talk shop with Grant Knutson or Danny O’Connor. Your life will be better for it).

    I traveled to Houston, Oklahoma, New Orleans, and Austin and will be off to NYC in the next few weeks. I hope to travel scads more this coming year, and further afield… it is the single thing I miss the most. 

    I read about 30 books and am contemplating writing (another) one of my own.

    I taught dozens of students in my Intro to Theatre and Intro to Film classes at Tarrant College.

    I enjoyed my second full year of marriage to the wonderful Ruth and welcomed the addition of a new niece. I officiated my sister’s wedding last fall.

    I moved on from my manual labor job unloading trucks weekly at the Contaner Store to get another weekly manual labor job as a part-time ranch hand at a spread in Southlake.

    It seems so vacuous to list stuff off like this, but a lot of the time I get bogged down in the day to day. I look around at the continually shifting piles of disorder in my office or the unending pile of laundry that needs to be washed and/or folded and put away and just wanna bury my head in the sand. It is good to know I’m still moving and that the movement is in a progressive direction.

    Happy (belated) birthday, Brad!  We hope we get to work with you more in the future!


  9. This post is by Artistic Associate Lauren Moore.

    If you’ve ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look at how the Sundown show posters are made, here’s my process:

    Trust me, it took a long time to perfect that beard — but so worth it! Here’s our brand new full-size poster for (The Winter’s Tale).



  10. This past weekend, Artistic Director Tashina, Marketing Director Nick (not pictured, sadly!) and Artistic Associates Lauren and Mandy set up a table at Mulberry Street Craft Fair in Denton to talk about our company and our upcoming season.  We had trivia, our e-mail sign up list, and examples of our awesome Sundown swag, and we made some great connections!

    This was a great opportunity to talk about our upcoming production of (The Winter’s Tale) and to do something fun with other local vendors and businesses in our awesome community!